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Every piece is handcrafted in gold or silver and precious stones. Each is unique and for to use as pendant, brooch, earring, tie-clasp or ring. Edition is limited for every species. Certificates explain every single object. Just go through the pictures in the gallery where you find an overview. I can also create your favourite organism. Just get in contact with me: drajo@t-online.de

The idea was born years ago. Already in my first years as a student of Biology I have been fascinated by the beauty of plankton organisms and microscopical structures in general. I went on with my University career, made my PhD study about Cactus Ecology, including a whole year of field work in South America.

One day I admired a perfectly shaped sanddollar on the beaches of Baja California. That was the breakthrough, I just had to start and make the dream come real.

My first pieces were sanddollars and cacti in gold and silver, but very soon I started to model the microscopical world, three-dimensional in lost wax pattern. The fragile structures of freshwater algae have always been the most intriguing inspiration. Even the pyrenoids and cell nuclei are displayed as gold globules or precious stones. Step by step I began to create even more delicate plankton structures, tiny diatom and radiolaria shells. Finally I integrated microscopical cross-sections of plant stems or spines of sea urchins into my collection. And I haven’t forgot the macroscopical world: leaves, flowers, fruits, sea horses, …